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Company Description:

ION is an innovative, asset light global technology company that delivers powerful data-driven decision-making to offshore energy, ports and defense industries.

ION has been a leading technology innovator for over 50 years. While ION’s traditional focus for its cutting-edge technology has been on the E&P industry, the company is now broadening and diversifying its business into relevant adjacent markets such as offshore logistics, ports, defense and marine robotics.

ION’s Marlin™ SmartPort™ is a software platform that provides port and terminal operators with a well-defined map for accurate, real-time port data visualization. It delivers a Common Operating Picture and a digital whiteboard that enable managers to make critical decisions for the safest, most streamlined operations. Users can be fully confident in Marlin SmartPort data, from port call management and back office support to port community collaboration and synchronization.

Marlin SmartPort has been proven to reduce port call administration time by over 50%, giving ports and terminals accurate data that feeds seamlessly into their financial processes.

The solution has been built upon the accomplished track record of its base software platform, Marlin™, which has been employed on more than 150 maritime projects around the world. Marlin uses real-time data to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and strengthen overall safety performance. This core operating software powers Marlin SmartPort to do all of that — specifically for port operations.

Marlin SmartPort has been developed in collaboration with ports and terminals to provide a user-friendly solution that meets key port call requirements in an efficient and flexible software platform.







Computer Systems, Software And Technology
Information Technology – Port & Industry
Logistics & Intermodal Services & Equipment
Security Systems, Services & Technologies
Vtis – Vessel Traffic Information Systems
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